Did someone say birthday party?

Did someone say birthday party?

Planning a birthday party for your little one can feel like a lot of pressure and on the day of the event, many parents wholeheartedly attest that it can be incredibly stressful and utterly exhausting with some saying they are already dreading the following birthday!

Where’s the joy in that? Surely you want to feel elated not exhausted when celebrating that special day with your child – after all mum’s, it’s your giving “birth” day too!

Fortunately, we at KidzKlub Australia are the complete kid’s party planners – minimizing those stressful elements and supporting you to throw a memorable birthday party for your child.

Whether your child and their friends are the playful, sporty types, the artie fartie types, they’re into dance, adventure or getting messy on the farm, Kidzklub Australia have the entire kit and caboodle to ensure magical memories are made.

We make it easy for you.

Simply choose a combination of activities designed to suit your child and budget; add in your choice of extra entertainment like face painting, jumping castles, magic clowns, puppeteers, pirate shows or fairy appearances and voila!

We can organise everything and host the party for you, from start to finish including present opening, cake cutting and meal times. Our team can come to you or we’ll happily arrange an alternative venue.We can beautifully decorated a space, with bunting, balloons and loads of colour; filling it up with exciting experiences.

You might be pretty much sorted and just need to add a little pizazz – a fairy face painter, a clown or a magic show – small or large, we do it all.

Take the pressure off and pass the reins to us. Treat your child and yourself to a KidzKlub birthday party. Stress free for parents and super exciting for kids, our huge range of party options guarantee a fabulous experience for all involved.

Email us at: info@kidzklub.com.au or call us direct on: 0429 770 147. We’d love to make your child’s birthday party an occasion for you all to enjoy!