Arts & Crafts Zone

Children love to be creative and this product brings a whole lot of messy, crafty fun.

The crazy painting table is always a favourite; it comes with many different styles of painting to try. Children are invited to try their hand at painting with cotton tips, spotters, rollers, stamps and droppers.

Collage making, drawing, stencilling, mask making, beading, glitter and glue, play doh and paddle pop stick construction are also available; offering hours of fun and entertainment as well as crafty evidence of a day well spent, to take home and share with the family.

Adding another dimension, the Art/Craft Zone becomes an Artie Fartie Partie run by one of our staff dressed up in a crazy colourful outfit. The Artie Fartie Partie is beautifully decorated with bunting and flags , giving it a big splash of colour and a lovely character which will brighten up any event.

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We work in Cairns, Noosa, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Sydney, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and everywhere in between!!

Imagination Station

This Art zone uses 90% recycled or collected materials only and has every bit and bob you can think of from leaves and shells, bottle tops, old glasses frames, belt buckles, buttons, and boxes galore! The children will reuse and upcycle to their creative hearts content and make some unbelievable creations.

Graffiti/Art Wall

At your corporate event or children’s event we can create for you a painting wall for all ages to enjoy. It can be a simple recycled cardboard wall attached to a fence or the letters of your company or event mounted and painted as an interactive attraction. We can also make it super creative by adding all types of painting implements like rollers, stampers, feathers and scrapers. This concept can also work well on canvas and the fabric used after to make awesome curtains or table cloths.

Children’s Art Workshops

You can hire KidzKlub to come to your venue or event and conduct children’s art workshops such as clay modelling, jewellery making, floral wall hangings, kooky pet rocks and christmas decoration making, just to name a few! The children will learn some specific skills while being allowed to express themselves creatively with the materials. Children’s art workshops usually run for 1 to 2 hours and cater for 25 children per session and are suited to all ages over 5. Parents love to join in with these workshops.

Theme Inspired Art Workshops

For various venues and events we provide Art sessions which fit their theme. For Example at Farmkids in Byron Bay we design their workshops to centre around food, animals and gardening. We make Mr Potato heads, bird seed feeders, clay pots, bees wax candles and mini soaps. At Floriade Festival in Canberra our workshops are spring and flower inspired. We make Floral wall hangers, Floral key rings, and paper flower garlands. Other themes we do are Naidoc, Christmas, Easter and Halloween Inspired.

Flower Crowns
Tie Dye
Kooky Pet Rocks
Sand Art
Floral Collage

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