Little Splendour Babysitting Club @ Splendour in the Grass 2022

We are pleased to announce the availability of an onsite babysitting club crèche for exclusive use by Splendour in the Grass 2022 Festival Parents. The service will be operated by our corporate childcare partner, Corporate Kidz Australia.

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We invite you to read the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find out more.

+What is Kidzklub Australia’s Experience?
Kidzklub Australia has been providing Children’s Entertainment, Babysitting Clubs and Mobile Crèche Services to companies for 15 years up and down the East Coast of Australia and have a trusted reputation of providing high quality services at all times.

Kidzklub Australia are an experienced, professional team of teachers and childcare workers with a passion for creating fun, safe environments for children of all ages. We recognise the importance of our role and the responsibility given to us by the parents and adhere strictly to the national guidelines for work place health and safety in childcare, have a thorough policy and procedures manual and detailed compliance documents, maintain regular servicing our equipment, purchase child safe nontoxic craft products where possible and promise a high standard of hygiene at all times.

Kidzklub Australia has been the main supplier of all the children’s services at Splendour in the Grass since conception and have worked to reduce any possible risks and refined all the processes to suit this individual event and patrons.

+Who else uses Kidzklub Australia for their Creche service?
KidzKlub Australia is a nationally operating company who works with many private and corporate clients to improve outcomes for planned conferences, festivals, product launches, expos or corporate family events.

Mitre 10  • Elements of Byron  • AMP  • Platinum Electricians  • Ngunya Jarjum Network  • Bakers Delight • Department of Health and Human Services  • BT Financial Group  • Conference Magic  • The Association Specialists and many more.

+What is the Cost and Hours of Operation?
Hours of Operation

12pm til 12am Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Cost of Service

$20 per hr per child.

Children Over 5 – No bookings required

Children Under 5 – Booking Required

Families with children under 5 must complete online registration and payment.

There is a two (2) hour maximum stay – parents and / or guardians can sign their children in again after having a food break with their child. This ensures children are not left at our facility for extended periods of time without food.

+Who is Eligible to use the Service?
Parents and guardians who have purchased or been gifted a general access pass to the festival.

All Splendour performers, workers and managers.

+How do I book?
Bookings are to be made directly through Kidzklub Australia by using the registration & payment link at the top of this page.

Whilst drop in is an option, spaces are limited and may not be available at the time you need and cannot be guaranteed. For children under 5 bookings are required.

There is a two (2) hour maximum stay – Parents and / or Guardians can sign their children in again after having a food break with their child. This ensures children are not left at our facility for extended periods of time without food.

+Can I cancel my booking?
You can cancel and change your booking, but to get a refund this must be done two weeks before the festival commences.

Remember that spaces are limited so your changes are not guaranteed.

All children 5 years and over do not require a booking.

+Can I drop off my kids on the day without a booking?
All children 5 years and over do not require a booking. Please note that there is a strict child to carer ratios which must be met. The ability to accept children without a booking will be dependent on these ratios being met.

Children under 5 will require booking in advance.

+What is included?
Fully qualified childcare professionals

All indoor activities. Arts and crafts, games, kits and lego, books and movies

Nappy changing – parents are asked to bring their own nappies to ensure your preferences are catered for.

Port-a-cots for nap times for children under the age of 2 who require an afternoon sleep

Fridge, microwave, nappy wipes.

+What is not included?
Food and drinks – water refills are provided.


Please bring cot sheets if you intend on using our cots.

Outdoor activities.

As this is a temporary crèche facility, there is not a secure outdoor facility that staff can use

+What do we bring?
Change of clothes, change of shoes, bibs, linen, special comfort toys.

Extra blanket, sleeping bag or jacket. (splendour can be cold at night when you are picking up the children)

Labelled water bottle and or milk bottles incl formula.

Any additional requirements relating to allergies. Medications to be included in child’s backpack and labelled with the child’s name.

Labels for all personal items.

+Can we leave our Pram and gear at the Babysitting Club?
At your own risk you can leave all of your unneeded items in a space allocated at the Babysitting Club. We would suggest you label everything clearly. Alternatively there is an official cloakroom onsite which has added security.
+What security have you put in place for Splendour Babysitting Club?
KidzKlub Australia prides themselves on offering premium quality care, which in a festival environment extends beyond basic needs.

Due to the nature of such a large event, child protection and ethical issues need to be addressed.

The following strategies will ensure safety and wellbeing for all children and adults using our facilities.

  • A Security guard will be present at all times during the day and night.
  • A full risk assessment and a safety inspection of Little Splendour area has been conducted before the commencement of the festival and during the event OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) is continuously monitored and maintained.
  • Little Splendour is fully fenced with only a small entrance opening during the day.
  • At night from 6pm the entrance opening is gated and only parents with children in the babysitting club can enter the festival area.
  • Little Splendour Managing staff are trained teachers and child carers with many years experience at these types of events and all have working with children checks and first aide/CPR/Anaphylaxis Training.
  • All Little Splendour staff and volunteers have had the appropriate “Working with Children” background checks completed and many have First Aide Certification.
  • Little Splendour is strictly for children and their parents only.

+What additional information do I need?
Children are to be signed in on arrival and out by the parent or guardian at the end of the care session (Parent or Guardian ID maybe requested both at the security gate and by the crèche manager).

Parents are required to remain onsite at the Festival and provide 2 mobile phone numbers to Kidzklub Australia so they are easily contactable.

Parents and / or guardians must remain contactable at all times (on mobile).

Parents and / or guardians must give alternative contact number at festival i.e. friend and / or partner and an emergency contact number outside of the festival.

The same parent and / or guardian must return to collect their child. Children will not be released to anyone else.

There is a two (2) hour maximum stay – Parents and / or guardians can sign their children in again after having a food break with their child. This ensures children are not left at our facility for extended periods of time without food.

KidzKlub staff can refuse a second booking at their own discretion.

+What if my child becomes Unsettled, Unwell or Upset
To help ensure that the Little Splendour Babysitting Club is a positive experience for all, we ask that if your child becomes unsettled that you take them out of the Creche room until they are again settled. We appreciate your understanding that an unsettled child could impact others. Should a child become unwell or upset during the time of care, parents and guardians will be contacted and the child will need to be collected. Staff will do everything possible to make your child feel safe and happy as you make your way back to the Creche.
+Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?
All enquiries relating to the crèche and babysitting services should be directed to Corporate Kidz Australia.  When calling please advise that your enquiry is related to Splendour in the Grass.

Corporate Kidz Australia Manager: Sara Hayes

Mobile: 0447 141 663

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